Porto Seguro: the discovery coast


porto seguro arraial dajuda

© Photo: Porto Seguro


The region of Porto Seguro was discovered in 1500 by the Portuguese Pedro Álvares Cabral, in search for a safe place to anchor and discover the new unknown continent.

The history of the city, the beautiful reef protected beaches, many beach bars with the traditional axe music and carnaval (that only starts after the end of all other Brazilian carnavals) are the main attractions of the city. Porto Seguro is one of the most popular destinations in the south of Bahia by Brazilian and international tourists.

The city has an intense nightlife, especially on the “passarela do álcool” or “Liquor Street” and the famous beach bars where various raves, bonfires and parties are organized during the high season.

The beaches at North (ponta grande and mutá) are almost deserted, perfect for long walks on the beach. Other beaches more towards the south where most of the beach bars are located are crowded and visited by tourists.Its worth to visit the marine park “recife de fora” where you can find various types of coral reefs and colored fishes and the discovery memorial with replicas of Portuguese ships.




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