Usefull information of Arraial d'Ajuda


Telephone codes:

  • In Brazil you have to use a “código da operadora” or “operator code” if you want to make calls to other cities or other countries. There are various "código da operadora": 31 (telemar), 21 (embratel), 14 (brasil telecom), ... You can choose either one of these numbers, some of them will provide you with a better, quicker and less expensive connection.

    • Brazilian country code: +55
    • Arraial d’ajuda’s city code: 73

For example:

  • Long distance calls: 0 + código da operadora + city code + number.
  • International calls: 00 + código da operadora + country code + city code + number.

Postal code:

  • 45.810-000


  • 220 volt.For European tourists there’s no need to bring voltage adapters. Only the power entrees are different and sometimes acquire an adapter.


  • Semi-tropical and very humid.
  • Min. 20,9°C
  • Max. 39,6°C 


  • Around 18.000, during the summer this number increases importantly


  • Agency: Banco do Brasil situated on the "rua do campo" street.
  • ATM’s: Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Caixa Econômica, HSBC, Itaú
  • If you notice the sign “banco 24 horas “ you can access with an international credit card
  • After 10.00 pm most atm's only allow a maximum withdraw of 100R$
  • Most of the bars, restaurants, shops, accept all major credit cards.


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